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Operative and Non-Operative
Treatment Options by Envision Pain Management

Just like each patient’s pain is unique, they also experience pain relief differently. Pain management should involve a variety of treatment options. 

Envision Pain Management wants to successfully treat your pain. We offer procedural, operative, medical, behavioral health and advanced diagnostic testing to identify and treat your painful condition.

Treatment Options For Acute & Chronic Pain

Envision Pain Management is the regions dedicated pain management team. Our Board-Certified, Fellowship trained physicians are specially trained to diagnose, treat, and management painful conditions.  We provide comprehensive care including operative and non-operative pain management options to every patient. Our expert physicians work to create a care plan that fits your pain.

​Be seen. Be heard. Envision it.

Operative Treatment

Our physicians routinely perform surgical procedures such as spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal pump implantation, dorsal root ganglion stimulation and Vertiflex spinal decompression. These procedures are minimally invasive, same day, outpatient procedures.

Non-Operative Treatment

We provide ultrasound or fluoroscopic guided injections that can isolate a pain generator to deliver targeted medications. Epidural steroid, joint, and facet are some of the injections we offer.  Similar to our operative care, our non-operative care options are minimally invasive, and outpatient procedures, with proven outcomes for a quick return to function.

Medication Management

Every patient’s pain is different. At Envision Pain Management, we choose medications that specifically target your type of pain. We strive to utilize medications that minimize risk and maximize relief. Opioids are a type of pain medication that possess significant proven risks including sedation, addiction and death. Opioids should be used in specific patients that have failed other medications and have the appropriate diagnosis.

Behavioral Health

We believe you hurt. Envision Pain Management offers behavioral health services to help patients cope with all aspects of pain. Our behavioral health professionals have experience in the identification and treatment of depression, anxiety, stressors and relationship challenges that can result from chronic pain.

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Envision Pain Management is proud to offer a wide range of operative and non-operative treatment options for patients with painful conditions. Our expert physicians bring state-of-the-art pain management care to patients in both rural North Carolina and Wisconsin. To learn more about our treatment options or for answers to your questions, send us a message.