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Envision Pain Management: Comprehensive Pain Care Delivered in Your Facilities


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Patients, providers and healthcare systems are all struggling with pain management during this opioid crisis. Patient access; opioid risk management; medication prescribing; and high resource utilization of chronic pain patients are all real challenges, experienced differently for patients, providers and health systems.  While millions of patients are affected by pain, access to pain specialists is limited and care coordination is difficult and fragmented in the current healthcare landscape.

At Envision Pain Management, we collaborate with hospitals and facilities to deliver high-quality, safe comprehensive pain management using a hospital based model. By using Every patient referred receives proper pain management care in a coordinated treatment program.

Your Board-Certified Pain Consultant: A Partner for Pain Management

Millions of Americans deal with chronic pain. It’s more prevalent than heart disease, diabetes or cancer. Back pain continues to be the leading cause of disability in people under the age of 45. Difficulties sleeping, inability to concentrate, depression and an overall negative impact on life are all reported in patients with chronic pain.

Whether a solo practitioner, a large health system, or somewhere in between, access to pain management resources for patients is typically inefficient. Care is often not coordinated, resulting in:

  • Frustrated referring providers
  • Prolonged patient wait times
  • Fragmented patient care
  • Pain care delivered in emergency departments
  • Medication management coordination breakdowns
  • Outmigration of patients from the health system

Proven therapies delivered by expert physicians.

Collaborative Pain Management Care Benefits Your Hospital

Envision Pain Management’s hospital-based model is a collaboration between your hospital and our pain specialists. Using a hospital’s internal and ancillary resources, we offer leading-edge, safe and comprehensive care.

  • Pain management services are highly reimbursed. In fact, it’s in the Top 4 most highly reimbursed specialties for a surgery center or operating room.
  • Downstream revenue is driven back to your hospital. While in our care, patients requiring specialty care receive referrals to hospital resources, driving downstream revenue back to your facility.
  • Quality pain management reduces risk. Pain management places high-risk patients into specialty care, improving risk management for both hospitals and providers, especially primary care providers.

Our physicians offer comprehensive pain services utilizing interventional, operative and medication management therapies, supported by “in house” behavioral health and diagnostic laboratory services. This allows us to offer timely, specific and safe treatment options to help patients with pain. Our delivery model consists of Board-Certified/Eligible physicians coordinating care with advanced practice providers to meet patient, referring provider and hospital needs.

We support local hospitals and communities by utilizing your hospital’s integrated health system including your electronic medical record, providers, supporting departments and facilities.

Comprehensive Services Offered by Envision Pain Management

Envision Pain Management optimizes referring provider utilization by increasing patient access. We deliver comprehensive pain management starting with a thorough physician evaluation and diagnosis. Our services include:

  • Operative care: We’re experts in the operative care of pain. Spinal cord stimulation, dorsal ganglion stimulation, Vertiflex®, vertebroplasty and intrathecal pump implantation are routinely performed.
  • Non-operative care: We offer a variety of non-operative ultrasound or fluoroscopic targeted injections, including epidural steroid and joint injections.
  • Medication management: We manage pain with medications. There are a variety of safe, non-opioid pain medications we utilize and optimize. For the appropriate patient and diagnosis, we may use low dose opioids.
  • Behavioral health services: We offer behavioral health services to help with the management of pain through diagnosis and additional non-medication techniques.
  • Cancer pain management: There are many benefits of cancer pain control including side effect reduction, survival benefits and improved patient satisfaction. To learn more about cancer pain management, reach out to us.

At Envision Pain Management, we believe your patients deserve access to high-quality and comprehensive pain management. By working together, we can extend specialized care to your patients.

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With Envision Pain Management, it’s possible to experience life with less pain. To learn more about our services or for answers to your questions, send us a message today.