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Accepting Referrals for Comprehensive Pain Management

Every patient can experience pain in some form, whether acute or chronic. At Envision Pain Management we evaluate, diagnose and treat them all. We help your patients sleep better, work better, play better.


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Accepting Referrals for Any Patient

As the regions dedicated comprehensive pain management practice, we accept referrals to evaluate patients with pain.  Simple.

We know that patient care can be hard, but access to patient care shouldn’t be. We offer options to best suit your patient’s needs. Board certified/eligible pain fellowship trained physicians will evaluate each patient to develop a tailored and balanced treatment plan.  Please select from the referral options that best meets your needs.


We evaluate every new patient consult to create a comprehensive treatment plan. We then discuss the plan with the patient and send our recommendations back to you, the referring provider. We may order additional diagnostic testing such as imaging, EMGs, serology or other procedures to guide further treatment. We actively consult and collaborate with other specialists to ensure your patient’s pain is treated.

Injection Only

As a specialist consultant, we can assist in your patient’s treatment by offering “injection only”. We’ll perform the diagnostic or therapeutic injection that you specify in a timely fashion. Please contact us for expedited access.

Medication Management

For patients with an established pain regimen, we’ll evaluate the patient to ensure no additional diagnostic testing, medication optimization or opioid sparing therapy can be used to ensure safe, effective pain management.

What You Can Expect When Referring Your Patient

Envision Pain Management specializes in all painful conditions. Our Board-Certified/Eligible Pain Fellowship trained physicians evaluate every new patient to design a comprehensive, balanced treatment plan. If your patient is suffering from pain, acute or chronic, our practice model and hospital affiliations allow us to quickly evaluate, diagnose and begin treatment.

With Envision Pain Management, you can trust our treatments are only provided by expert physicians. We can help your patients sleep better, work better and play better—returning them to a higher quality of life.

Contact Us Today to Place Your Patient’s Referral

Your patients deserve safe, timely pain management treatment. For answers to your questions or to get started on your patient’s referral today, send us a message.